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house in Jonan

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house in Jonan


竣工 : 2023年1月

所在地 : 大分県大分市
主要用途 : 住宅

担当 : 榎本亮祐, 田中悠希 / YRAD
構造設計 : 白橋祐二 / 建築食堂

施工 : 株式会社 平野工務店
敷地面積 : 280.66㎡
建築面積 : 95.04㎡
延床面積 : 127.52㎡

写真撮影 : 矢野紀行 (矢野紀行写真事務所)

受賞 :

- GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2024 (Germany) 優秀賞

Date : January 2023

Location : Oita, Oita, JPN
Category : Private House

Architects : Ryosuke Enomoto, Yuuki Tanaka / YRAD 
Structural design : Yuji Shirahashi / Kenchiku Shokudo

Construction : Hirano Engineering Works
Site area : 280.66㎡
Building area : 95.04㎡
Total floor a
rea : 127.52㎡

Photographer : @Toshiyuki Yano

Awards :

- GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2024 / Winner (Germany)











The project site is hugged by a residential neighborhood on the south and west sides , and across the street on the north side is a vast parking lot belonging to a nursery school. Beyond the parking lot are the balconies of over 1000 units of prefectural housing built on a south-facing sloped ground.

Privacy was a key concern for this project, as there are morning and afternoon pickups and drop-offs at the school, as well the view of the housing complex residents and customers visiting nearby shops.

We considered ways to create an appropriate distance between the home and its surroundings, while keeping in mind the connections that the resident had already fostered with the community during their time living on the property.


This led to the creation of an anteroom, or a boundary, on the street-facing side of the house to act as a buffer.

The anteroom creates a simultaneous sense of openness and enclosure to tie together the interior space.

The layering of openings created by the buffer space protects privacy while bringing a delightful breeze and light to the living spaces, acting as a low window in some rooms and a clerestory window in others.


Within the interior space between the anteroom and the courtyard, one can enjoy a framed view of the sky overhead and observe the flow of people and cars, without worrying about the gaze or noise from the outside.

The home nurtures a tranquil and relaxed  lifestyle while maintaining a comfortable distance from the surrounding environment.

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